08 August 2009

The Jungling Of Light Of Fire

A spectacular show to remember .... please take a look ...:

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Wish that you are enjoying the look at it.

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07 August 2009

31 July 2009

Mother's Finest

New photo showcase of "Mother's Finest" http://mothersfinest.leticiascamera.com

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Hasta la vista ...


29 July 2009

Burg Herzberg Festival 2009

Hello Everyone,

It has been a long time since my last blog in this page.

Wish you will enjoy my News at this end .... and please go to or paste the links below for more photos:






I want to thank the Burg Herzberg Team for the great possibilities to be able to be a part of the shows as a photographer.

Will be blogging more photos of the Event soon.

It is great to be able to blog in this page again.

Thank You!

Till then ....


28 May 2008

The Black And White Swan

Dear Reader,

It is time to showcase the purity of Nature ...

Please go to the link:



More showcase will follow soon.

Enjoy the beauty of the Black and White Swan.

Till then...

My best Regards,

25 January 2008

Report Of The Month

Dear Reader,

Month of January 2008

Let me list down the works / developments / growth or whatever we call it:

1.) Completed more than 400 images / photography / Art in my gallery albums : http://picasaweb.google.com/IndayLeticia … please check it out and enjoy it.

2.) Important dates are set … No. 1 … is at the end of this month … I am preparing for it … it is a possible start for my clearance and I am keeping my fingers cross.

3.) No. 2 … is on the First week of the next month February … It will be a tough day for me … It will also be the day to lay down my cards on the table … I will do my best. (for those who are new around … I am talking about the circumstances that brought me to this stage of life … please go to the link : http://leticia.leticiascamera.com for further information)

4.) A shocking nice experience in my world of photography … I captured the full moon on the 22nd of January 2008 … the fascinations went to 363 shots and the moon is not alone in my captures … there are some associates / neighbours around the moon … I am not sure how to define it … making my research with excitement … a new area for me to touch … I hope I will understand more … because … it is getting to be serious. I will understand if you will laugh … but … please, I am serious. To mention more about my fascination of the moon please go to the link: http://moon.leticiascamera.com … you can also take a look in the album Leticias Art for the moon presentation and please go to focus to be able to enjoy it or to the link: http://thecolorsofthemoon.leticiascamera.com … you can also find some other links in the said blogs. I will post the new photography as soon as I can define the other images … so please stay tuned.

Till then and my best Regards


05 January 2008

Album Of Leticias Art

Dear Reader,

News from the Front ...

... back to my promised share of photography ...

I posted some of it / them ...

To Enjoy the visuals / photography ...

Please go to Leticias Art Album ... please click / paste the following links:


Happy Seeing / Looking at them

My best Regards

03 January 2008


I named a flower Iris yesterday ... the 2nd day of the year 2008.

Doing my research though to correct specification.

Please take a look to my Iris ... go to the links below:


Enjoy it ... she is beautiful!

My best Regards

31 December 2007

The Power Of Love For 2008

It is the last day of year 2007 ...

Here is my way of saying Welcome 2008!

Please read more ... go to the links below:


Happy New Year reading and Enjoy Loving Embracing year 2008 ...

Warm Regards

30 December 2007

Let Us Talk About LOVE ...

The last 2 days of the year 2007 from today ... and ... I thought to talk about LOVE!

To read more ... please go to the links below:


Let us inspire ourselves ...

Happy reading and enjoy loving.

My best Regards

29 December 2007

The Colors Of The Moon

Dear Readers,

As promised ... the captured moon on the Christmas Eve of December 24, 2007.

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Happy viewing and reading.

My best Regards

25 December 2007

The Gift Of Christmas

Christmas under the Light of the Moon.

To read more and see an icy visual ... please go to the links below:


Happy reading and my best wishes and Regards

Till then ...

Merry Christmas

Dear Readers,

I wish each and everyone the best of the Season 2007.

My gift to the season is to open the remarks ...

please read more and go to the links below:


I wish ... it will answer some enguiries and will give inspiration to who ever needs it.

Happy reading and my best Regards

Till then

21 December 2007

Freezing Point Under The Light Of The Moon

Dear Readers,

The last full moon cycle of year 2007.

My inspiration for this last cycle of the the moon this year, today is the 21st of December 2007 (Germany)... to read more ...

Please go to the links below:


Wishing you all the best of the Season ... let us all be merry and bright ... to be with the light of the MOON.

Happy reading and my best Regards

19 December 2007

The Flow Of Nature Started At / From:

Sitting in the park ... waiting ... for:

Yes Dear Readers,

It started in this manner ... the flow of nature ...

Please go to the links below for more visuals and stories:


Again, thank you for giving your time reading my story.

My best Regards

18 December 2007

Something New For Me .... And Also For YOU

Dear Readers,

Let me talk about the unstoppable growth at my space of age ...

It is an inspiration of Growth to / for everyone at any age ;-);)

Please take time to look at my new Art and Photogaphy Gallery.

This is a new development of my modern technology phase here in this cyberspace world of today ... (thanks to the Team Support) My Grattitude!

Please go to the links below:


I am happy to announce this new Gallery.

Thank you and enjoy to explore it.

My best Regards

16 December 2007

It Is Time For Tea And Coffee Again?

Dear Readers,

Yes, it is time for tea and coffee again ... ?

Let us talk about the following:

Please go to the links below:


Happy reading and till then .... Enjoy!

13 December 2007

Lily ... Lilia ... Lilium

Dear Readers,

The topic of the day:

Lily .... Lilia .... Lilium ....

Please read more and go to the links below and explore:


My best Regards and Enjoy

11 December 2007

Over a cup of tea or coffee?

Dear Readers,

Let us talk about the following articles : ....

Over a cup of tea or coffee?

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It is the beginning of talking / how do we call it today? Chatting .... well then .... please go ahead.

My best Regards and Enjoy!

07 December 2007

Re-Evaluation Time

Dear Readers,

It is time for me to re-evalute the present status of my developments ... It is the last month of the year 2007.

I thank everyone who passes by and took the time to read my lines ... there will be lots of things to be written though and to be told and so on ....

Please, let me enumerize some positions:






These are the works / flow of the developments that I was / am going through respectively.

And this is the whole reason for me to re-evaluate things untill a concrete project will be manifested.

There are also some very fragile topics and situation of life that is still to be worked with .... For / To Clearance (I guess, you have read the lines about it) which is the main factor why my life, that made some curves to be in this Cyberspace world .... I am very much sure, that we people are growing positively .... and give Justice to Justice (I hope and wish without a person to be put to a misserable situation (which I myself very well know) I believe in the Golden Rule .... It will be very much appreciated and thank you very much for all the support.

My Domain is under study and construction phase .... but the Blogs is going ahead for growth.

Projects are visioned to be on it's growth / manifestations .... let us all see what will come next!

My best Regards and Enjoy!

03 December 2007

Additional And Multiplication

There is something new in my developments and I am happy to share it to everyone who ever passes by:

My promotion as a photographer which; please, take a look and explore:


Enjoy it and best Regards

Additional And Multiplication

There is something new in my developments and I am happy to share it to everyone who ever passes by:

My promotion as a photographer which; please, take a look and explore:



Enjoy it and best Regards

17 November 2007


My Inspiration and Interpretation of Life:

Please take a bit of your time and read some changes and developments of a natural growth of a Human Life ... maybe ... it will enlighten US, YOU, ME, WE, and so on ...

I will take the chance to say or make a notice of my grattitude to all of YOU who follows my steps to these DEVELOPMENTS which I will call the cure of any life's phase that people ... is ... will ... and will be undergoing. It is my share which I think is DUE!


Thank you ... it is all appreciated from the Bottom Of My HEART!

10 November 2007

From Autumn To Winter

Here comes the time for changes of the Season

From Autumn to Winter

From the falling golden leaves along the streets

To the falling white snow these coming days

Take a view ...


Enjoy it!

18 October 2007

The Pyramid

My interpretation of a pyramid:

The Four (4) Golden Rules:

I Love will always bring Happiness
II Health is the best Wealth
III Freedom is one Factor of Wisdom
That will bring us all … to
IV Contentment … to be able to Act for the / our
Vocation of / in LIFE!

What can you say about this Idea?
Is it possible … or not?
Why yes? And
Why not?

02 October 2007

The Four Season Of The Year >>>>

Four season of the year:

The autumn life of the falling leaves down the aisle of a cold street
Covering the earth for the cold winter time …
Preparing for the growth … that is waiting for the spring time …
with the power of the sunshine … as time comes … the colours of summer time.

The four season of the year …

The grey colour of the Autumn …
The white colour of the cold snow on winter …
The beauty of the fresh colours of springtime …
Down … to the bright colours of the summer bloom!

24 September 2007

Let Us Talk About The Time >>>>

Let us talk about „TIME“
It is time to talk about the different types of time!
I the counted time of HOURS
II the uncountable time of LIFE
III the unexpected time of the TRUTH
about the road heading to the time,
that is bound for us TO BE DONE!

Let me count the time table of the uncountable TIME:

To be Born
To be a Baby
To be a Child
To be a Teenager
To be an Adult
To be Matured
To be a Parent
To be a Grandparent

Then … the unexpected time of the TRUTH
To be Dead

What have I done during those time?
I repeat:

The time to be born
The time to be a baby
The time to be a child
The time to be a teenager
The time to be an adult
The time to be called matured
For the time to be a parent …

This is the present time where I am in …
The time that I am a parent … then … this is the time …
I started to asked the following questions:
What am I doing?
For my children …
For me …
For my family and friends… and for the world …
What sense does it make?

Again … I repeat:

The time I was born
The time I was a child
The time I was a teenager
The time I was an adult
The time I was getting matured
The time I am a parent
The time to get ready to be a grandparent...

It is a time for me to ask the following questions:
Am I happy?
Am I healthy?
Am I poor or rich? (I don’t count the material world in this question)
Am I doing what I should /shall do?
Do I know what I am suppose to do …
should / shall do, as a grandparent?

Then … it is the time of the TRUTH!
My time of Birth
My time of being a Child
My time of being a Teenager
My time of Adulthood
My time of Maturity
My Parenthood time

It is the time to prepare for the STONE of one’s LIFE
To know how to walk to the road of no return …
To the road of EXAMPLE for the following time of another LIVES!
To say “yes” to the truth of the time of Death!

What is the truth of my life?
How can I reach the road of this truth?
… and … only time can answer … in my Time To Come…again …
The End … to the so called Death!

28 August 2007

The Education Of Today

Let me talk about the education of today … as a mother of two children -… 24 and 19 years old respectively.

Kindergarten days for my two girls … was a sort of Baby sitting places … as a replacement for my not enough time to have … a working mother.

Elementary years … was the hectic / stressful time … to be able to cope up with the homework’s and etc. … mother’s role of a working mother.

Intermediate time … was a sort of trial and error … of a growing mother’s and daughter’s roles.

High school days of my children … was a time for me to see and feel … to realize and understand … what my own mother’s roles (with 7 children) were … I Salute Her For That! … for Education always starts at HOME! … to start building / creating a future.

College time , their present status … is the time that … I Thank God! … “Oh! How lucky can I be … to have a PARENT … that I have!”
Today … I treasure all the LOVE and HARDSHIP with GLORY and PAIN of which I call EDUCATION!… and feel sorry for the unthankful behaviour (we call it the generation gap) during those years, that I went through … with all the care and discipline of education that my Parents paid for me … how I wish to put my GRATITUDE to ACTION that is all the while DUE. I believe that all Parents will always try to give their best to their Children.

For all these TRUTH … I bow with all my RESPECT and LOVE to the PEOPLE whom we call MOTHER (mama, mummy,) and FATHER.(papa, daddy), for the VALUE of these ROLES … are not payable … for short … The EDUCATORS that is not for sale.

I have Four Questions About Education
1. What is education?
2. Do we have to attend schools to be called educated?
3. What is the basic education needed, to be able to live with today’s technology?
4 How much does it costs us to be educated?

My simple answers to these questions are:
¨ Education is what I am or what I am for… what I need or what I do … what I can give or what I share … until I die… to be forgotten or not. It is an evolution of vocation or training. It is a system.
¨ Yes, we have to attend schools to be educated and No, we do not have to attend schools to be called educated. These answers need elaboration and it can be heated ones.
¨ Today’s technology needs the basic of reading and writing. The basic education that we need to live with today’s technology … is to read and write … to understand what we read and write … to act upon what we read and write … and … I call it the basic of CHARACTER EDUCATION! Of today’s generation.

¨ It will costs me my whole life to be educated, because, I believe that, we never stop learning.

How about YOU! … What’s your answers? Any Shares?

15 August 2007

Let Us Talk About Heroism Of Today

Let us talk about Heroism.
Talking about today’s heroism.

Let me quote ”Let us learn to be better living beings. That is why the past is there and so is the future.” (Sivakummer)

The quoted statement inspired me to write (manifest) the following:

Heroism is in every individual and or person … You, Me, We and They … it only can be awaken in times of:

Present need … trials … experiences … fate … crime … fraud … love … hate and etc…. As the time comes, it will be … is called:

The Past … the lesson … the test … challenges of growing life … the education … the experienced and what have you.

The future depends upon what and or how the younger generation have learned and educated from:

The parents … the surroundings … the schools … the associates and the whole environment … and the last but not the least from HIMSELF / HERSELF / ITSELF./ YOURSELF To know who we are, what we are, why we are here in this world? To understand what the natural evolution for? To stop, look and listen! And maybe, to learn how to listen to the natural faith of fate … to act upon the natural flow of nature and grow with the modern generation of technology without forgetting our mother nature. It should be … shall be … today and tomorrow … for our children … for the children of our children … and we call these … the natural flow of generation.

Another points to be considered and to be seriously thought of … have we learned enough about the generation gap? Are we willing to learn more? Are we enough prepared for it? Which grade of Heroism are we bound for? Any Idea?

04 August 2007

A Place Worth Hiking And Seeing.

The Place Where People Can Get A Fresh Breath.

Kellerwald Tower, located on top of the Mountain of Jesberg, Hessen Germany.

A place worth hiking and seeing.

Breathing the fresh air 700 m above sea level.

I have been to this place for two visits but I still have the craving to visit the place more times to experience and understand the History of this place of Ancient Ancestors. There is a story to tell about this beautiful mountain of the Keltic.

I will share some Photograpy of this place.

29 July 2007

The Nature Of Healing

To realize that the road to healing is kilometers away.
It takes time to understand the philosophy of growing.
But to know, that the door is always open for us, to go to take the chance to be healed. Is enough help for us, to have the strenght to go through and welcome the nature of healing.

10 June 2007

Let Us Go Back To History

Another Question Put For Debate By LovetoLead

Will Scientists Ever Arrest The Ageing Process?

Cleopatra’s story of beauty and might … is one of the example of this dream … it brought us knowledge and urge to try to reach the unreachable … Then … some of us took a process to reach a dream through the field of Science.

The process of these urge … to dream for the impossible dream … to reached the unreachable foe … to cry for the unreachable sorrow … has reach until the age of cyberspace of the 2000 century.

Again … let us go back to history! The beauty of the late Princess Diana Spencer … the Icon story of the late Star Marilyn Monroe … until to the story of Tragedies with all the beauties of the Kennedy’s … Science played no Role in all these Ages … The beauty of these Souls lives until today. These are the few soul of people of so many who lives without Ageing and without the help of Scientists.

Therefore … there will be no Scientist … who can ever arrest the ageing process. There only can be Souls who possesses these Ages of no death.

Then … everyone can be the one to have the soul of no Ageing … and … only the history can prove … the existence of them.

The history of this article
It is written late
The forum of the debate
To win a Laptop
Has been

My History to be here
is the uncontrollable urge
to say something
to do something
to get a right to be heared
and to be justified.

To be a part of this WORLD
and give Justice to my History.

Thank you

Bloggers and Friends

Please enjoy it with me

Happy reading

Let us make history

With all the loving story of laughter, pain
and whatsoever ...
feel free to make your own Judgement.

05 June 2007

The World Of Today

A Question Put For Debate By LovetoLead

Does The World Need Disease To Control Overpopulation?

I participated in four (4) questions put to debate, but, in this question, I cannot stand for the answer of yes or no, for the reason that; to go for a debate and to manifest an opinion or stand point, it has to be and or should be defended for.

Therefore, I will put my stand point in these manner without participating in the forum of debate.

Point I I represent the Idea of : There is no such thing as overpopulation, when we talk about
Humanity. This vocabulary doesn’t meant or fitted to be used in Humankind or living
population on this Earth where we live.

Point II The Earth has enough place for all living and non-living things, so, the word “control” is misplaced and misused in this question formed.

Point III Disease is a natural circumstances and or one of the facts of life, just like the word or
vocabulary Death.

Point IV For me, the question is irrelevant, but, for debate all topic is relevant.

Hence, that I cannot represent a stand point of yes or no, but, let me present my opinion
and point of views, which is stated below:

Vocabulary Interpretation of today, has to be examined and properly thought of or about
and should be taken cared of, to correct usage. Disease, is one of the vocabulary that
should be taken with heart and care. People who do not or did not or is not confronted with
the actual situation of the real meaning of this word “Disease” may take or Interpret it lightly.

Disease is a natural word that is connected to the word Death. For people who and one like
me, who know and very well live the meaning of these words, would like to share a deeper
meaning and the sense of effects and causes of what Disease and Death is.

There are lots of delicate situation or reality of life that should be taken into a critical
consideration and respect. There are people who are or is in the midst of Diseases or Death
or in the situation to be undergoing these reality, who are or is disrespected or touched deeply
from this form of a question. Although, based on my own life’s experiences, these
particular (Disease and or Death) situation or reality, is or can be a very enriching point of
Spiritual Human Growth.

Where did we go wrong in our growing vocabulary? What happened to Humanity? It has
been a history, where is our history? We are living and has been learning in the space of
year 2000 plus, it has been 2000 century of learning the Human History, but, it shows
that history never ended and never learned, it always begins and we call it civilized
civilization today. Do we really know what it means?

We live in a world of High Technology, but, We also live in a world of Humanity …

Therefore, in the case of forgetfulness - We Owe Not To Forget - Humanity Lives in a

of four ( 4 ) Essences:


And last but not the least, I think, what the WORLD NEED is

L O V E !


we can BEGINN again
the History of the four







30 May 2007

Speaking About The Value Of Art And Science

Is Art more valuable than Science?

Speaking about the value of Art and Science: Both fields have or can be of an even value … but … the real value can only be valued and or it’s worth as more valuable, by the speaker itself.

I quote and unquote “The most beautiful and most profound experience is the Sensation of the Mystical. It is the Sower of all the true science.” Albert Einstein.

The Mystical Sensation is powered by the love and or inspiration of “Art”.

Therefore, I would say: “Yes” … Art is more valuable than Science. I guess and I presume, that, a Scientist is (was) inspired by “Art”.

Let me present a division of these two fields:

First - Art is the head … the mystical world… it gives the inspirational value to create and to inspire the world including the science world … it is the inspiration for our Soul to make and or have life in a valuable manner … it is like Love - it can move mountain. Sometimes, no one can pay the valuable price of an Art. Art is the food for the Soul.

Second - Science is the result of a study … it presents the physical value of all the progress in the world … it is the medicine and or the advances used for our physical Body … Science is bound to be paid. Science is the food for the Body.

In my own observation, as a none Artist and a none Scientist: You can buy and or pay the product value of Science, but, you cannot buy and or pay the value of happiness, which is inspired and powered by Art.

From my own eye-view … the feeling and or the sensation that is inspired by an Art is more valuable, for us people to exist in this world of today … The inspiration of an Art itself … The Art of living … The intangible kind of Art … meaning: the artistic way of living and or taking all the general life’s challenges as a Human being … The Art of loving life … to be able to live and to carry it on …the ups and downs … the negative and the positive view points of living… and the challenges of some of the progress that is presented by Science.

My last Words: What is more important … the SOUL or the BODY ? We owe to learn how to combine it … and we need the touch of Art … to know how to do it.

29 May 2007

Test My Pre-Examination

Need to test a pre-examination

28 May 2007

The Act Of Chivalry

Gone are those days of knightly chivalric ideals and virtues, which was founded by men crusaders and orders of the ancient time.

The European - German Ideology and Philosophy … put to practiced today … has changed and or explained … by the representation of their daily lives of living … the meaning of chivalry … welcomed genderless chivalry.

The LovetoLead put these into question: Is chivalry sexist?

Let me put my personal information and belief of what and how chivalry is, to manifestation:

Point I The Code of Conduct and Virtues of Men and or Women … the equal rights and the sense of freedom of responsibility in the world of today … to carry and or act the value of Virtues that is named CHIVALRY … which is usually represented and or acted upon in an abnormal level of Ideals like : Heroes and the Saints … keeping and doing their responsibilities and duties as self obligatory and necessary.

Point II The Code of Ethics and or the discrete acts of an individual’s characteristic … the combination of a human moral nature inspired by his Ideals … meaning, understanding and or representing a character that provides and stands for ethical criticism of oneself and others as a fundamental value of an harmoniously formed personality and or individual’s character… meaning, showing and or giving Love and Respect, as a sign of service for the mankind… representing bravery, piety, honour, loyalty and sacrifice. These goes to the achievers … who needs praised and admiration for their aspired duty and or role achieving their goal of excellence in their endeavour …the code that is practiced and or adopted by few … to mention amongst them …are … the Presidents of our World’s Nations and Institutions and etc. … and … these Roles are represented by Men and or Women.

Point III The Code of Humanity … the positive and the negative pole of a human being … according to Aristotle: there are two types of human character … the Virtuous and the Vicious Character and Personality … and it is the reality of human nature … that good and bad exists … the ordinary moral standard of an individual and or person that can be and or is applicable to everyone … Men and or Women.

Point IV The Code of Knowledge and Wisdom … the transcendence of Righteousness’ … to know and act upon his own intuitive sense of inspiration to do the right thing … the wisdom to know the difference of Right and or Wrong which is an act of Chivalry …the mental and spiritual entities represented by accepting and applying one’s role in the world … and these all are the Gifts of Nature to Men and or Women.

Therefore, Chivalry is not sexist.

In the point of courting for Love, a chivalric action is for sure not a hindrance for a Man to capture every Woman’s heart, and these action of love should not be put to a discussion and or question for being sexist, because, in my opinion … for a Great Love is Chivalric Acts Worth it.

And, that in the sense of the Role of human gender … a Man will always be a Man and that a Woman should always be a Woman. Though how much science medicated these roles … the Law of Nature will stay. We are all bound to play the Role that we are gifted off and we all have the right and the chance to choose or decide and to act to the Idea of what is right and or what is wrong . So let it be what it should be … and I think, we call it … RESPECT to Chivalry.

26 May 2007

A Fact Of Life ... All Extremes Kills!

Blogosphere is a genius work and a very great idea to creating a world of inspiration for those who wants to participate the progress of Science World … it is an enormous progress of the cyberspace which … is a very high rated achievement of our life of today and … it is a fact that in every reality … there is a positive and negative points of views.

Commercialism is a need … It is a reality of life ever since time immemorial … It enhances progress of life style and standard to it’s fullest … It is one of the essential factor of life’s reality to move on … which is very important to support the material growth of all fields … that sometimes … in the phase of excesses … uncontrollably leads to it’s ruin.

The last question put by LovetoLead today … Is Commercialism Killing The Blogosphere?

If it is not put to a proper plan and targets of Business Implementations … Yes … it will … is my clear answer … for the reason that … it will hinder a lot of creativity … which is the most important factor or essence in this type of world.

Let me give a part of an idea … The combination of all these realities will help save both excesses … Let Inspiration Be Free … Manage the Business with the freedom of choice using the guideline of the Nature of Moral of Right and Wrong … that will bring satisfaction to the both sides of these both world. To put it short … get the solution for the problem of: “All extremes kills!” and of course ... I know ... It is tough!

Immigration + Nationality = Who am I ? Identity crisis

Is immigration destroying national identity?

A topic and a question that is playing a serious Global role in our World of today.

Let me contribute an answer in an equation form:

* Immigration + Nationality

* Carried by:
* Who am I ? + Identification card + Identity crisis

* Is equals to (=)
* Individual growth and Human growth + World’s growth

There are four (4) very important factors to be considered to (in an) Immigration process which is enumerated as follows:

* Parents and or Family background
* Environmental and or Friends and Associates
* Private and or Personal Ambitions
* Good Luck and or Fate - which also links to the three (3) factors stated above.

These four factors is divided into (2) functional categories:

First Category - includes number 1,2, and number 4 factors … the parental and environmental background … meaning: (group of people or individuals with connections and networks and or good luck and or Fate). These migrants belongs to an organized and well planned Agenda and lifestyle. It happened and or functioned in a higher academic educational strata and or level of and for business and or professional and or social developments.

Second Category - includes number 3 and number 4 factors … the private and or personal ambitions of people and or individual … meaning: (people or individual who works and or drive for achievement and or struggle for a better way of life or living carried by an inspiration like “the grass is greener in the other side of the fence” as one of those inspirational thoughts and or reasons to carry on, and or the road to good luck and or Fate). Migrants in these category strive for life and or whatever reasons that varies from different lifestyle and surroundings. There are stories that happened in these adventure category that is usually unplanned, unforeseen and in an unexpected events of lives.

Therefore, National identity cannot be destroyed … it can be educated and broadened it’s sphere and horizons … it can be assisted and inspired for growth and development.

The changes and developments that influences the educational process of an individual’s identity, depends upon the parental guidance and upbringing that a person or individual is gifted off … considering his race, culture and traditions, religion, mentalities, languages, characters and his personality.

Immigration does not destroy a National identity … it enhances the growth of people and the world.

Let me form a verbal equation of Immigration growth:

* Individual and or people in need or in crisis + A Nation’s abundance and or needs and or crisis, will result to Immigration process.
* It will activate solution making and problem solving using the human factors like: mental and or intelligence, spiritual and or inspirational, social and or governmental services, private and or public business institutions, forming agreements of interactions and responsibilities between individuals and or people and or offices for their capacities and capabilities.
* A two way basis of communication is formed in immigration for cooperation of growth and development.

Hence, the following factors should be taken into a very serious manner of consideration:

* Honesty to oneself as an individual + Contribution to the Nation is = to Multi-cultural lives.
* No matter where we are, who we are, our National race is our Individual identity.
* No matter what Nation we belong, we owe to carry all the effects and responsibilities for our Own actions or doings.
* Multiplication of multi-cultural lives is equals to multi-cultural world, which is the result of the evolution of Immigration.

I GO for the TRUTH and for an OPEN WORLD !

The Gift Of Nature

How enjoying life can be under the sun
and under the shadow of these lined trees …
flowers moving by the wind blows
… flying petals of lovely pink flowers of love that is felt
Oh! how wonderful time is at this moment under these trees …
Moving your feet along the wonderful aisle
down the carpeted street full of pink petals
of beautiful cherry blossoms under the sunshine
…a sight full of pink shine light from the petals
of these flowers that brings joy in your heart.

Oh! What a lovely show of nature being under these lined trees
walking on that carpeted scene of pink petals
passing by your sight like a twinkle of pink lovely light
…what an inspirational work of nature
showing the harmony of green and pink
as what the nature’s best gifts … that brings.

This is the life, this is the joy
and this is the light that is so simple
as reason what our life has to be
A time to see and a time to feel
in this life of spring time
living and growing to the life of that coming gift of summer time.

25 May 2007

Here I am ... writing some letters for me again.

Dear Readers,

This is my day today.

Wishing ... Hoping and Doing ... and Happy to be here ... writing letters for me again and of course for you too.

Let us hope and do our best ... I will do mine.

To be what ... it should be ... and that is the question!

The answer is ...

"Let us see"

It is nice to be here.